Clothworkers Boiler Replacement - Dunster Court, City of London

Clothworkers Boilers
Clothworkers Boilers
Clothworkers Boilers

Project Particulars

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Project Start Date: -
Jul 2013
Project Completion: -
Sept 2013

Project Highlights

The main driver on this project was the extremely time frame in which the client required the works to be completed.

The client had a shutdown period of 8 weeks within which all works had to be completed and systems returned to a fully operational status.

All works were completed within the 8 week shutdown period as required.

Invek Services acted in the role of Principal Contractor on this project and supervised a number of other contractors carrying out separate projects for the client.

Project Overview

Invek Services carried out the replacement of major plant items and associated pipework services within the prestigious Clothworkers Hall building, situated in the heart of the City of London.

Works involved the replacement of 2No 250Kw boilers, 8No LTHW Pump Stes, 4No CHW Pump Sets, 2No Chillers, Pressurisation Units, new boiler flues, new CWS Water Storage Tank, 2No new HWS Storage Calorifiers and new MCC Panel and associated BMS wiring.

Project Team

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Main Contractor: -
Direct for Client
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Wye Solutions